Jan Petersen

Profile Updated: September 23, 2009
Residing In: Keswick, VA
Occupation: Writer
Children: Oz, Jazz, Truman, Manley, Beau, Tommy Tune,
Zane Grey, Phil Noir, Margo, Eve, and Bob the Squirrel.
All More…four-legged.
Yes! Attending Reunion

I write (and sometimes produce) television.
I live in a little house in the woods with all of the aforementioned dependents.
Occasional visitors are welcome, preferably attractive males who know how to fix things.
I maintain a low profile.
I'm frightened of people who want to frighten me - i.e. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.
I do not believe that Barack Obama is a socialist, a Nazi, Kenyan-born, or trying to control the hearts and minds of our children.
I prefer animals to children, as they are so much easier to house-break.
I dislike whining, hypocrisy, mindless twittering (is there any other kind?), Reality TV shows, and having my intelligence insulted. Ergo, I dislike politicians, pundits, car salesmen, and proponents of "new age" philosophy.
Generally, when I write this much, I'm getting paid for it. So I'll stop now.

School Story:

It's quite the blur. I'll leave this to those whos memories are more burnished than my own.