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04/12/18 03:04 PM #125    

Bruce Burgun

Okay, classmates can you please stop dying?  You’re breaking my heart.  And also, can we please eliminate the expression RIP!  Who does that help?   Why not contact ten people that you like each month and tell them to LIVE IN PEACE.  I guess I should start now … so whoever is reading this please live in peace.  Because you deserve it. 

04/12/18 04:56 PM #126    

Robert Santoro

LIP.  B. Bow

04/12/18 04:59 PM #127    

Chris Porter (Orser)


04/13/18 10:33 AM #128    

Jodi Bonney

Yes Bruce, i agree!! LIVE IN PEACE and with joy. Live long and be well... ALL OF YOU! smiley


04/13/18 11:31 AM #129    


Tony Weil

Live in Peace or alternatively, Live Long & Prosper while at peace.

Please take care of yourselves. I'm trying.

Hope to see everyone at the Reunion next year. 


04/14/18 12:15 PM #130    


Chris McCabe

James Dean, postponed. Perhaps indefinitely.

04/14/18 02:01 PM #131    

Richard Gus Bloch

Here's our song, 'nuf said.

04/14/18 09:30 PM #132    

Ken Paley

LIP  and have some fun along the way! 

04/16/18 04:09 PM #133    

Kevin Zraly

To all - Interesting reading... Barbara Ehrenreich's "Natural Causes: An Epidemic of Wellness, the Certainty of Dying, and Killing Ourselves to Live Longer."

04/18/18 05:36 PM #134    

R Alan Wells

Hi all
I am retiring on May 15th this year, so we can enjoy our time and time together. I will tell you all them at I felt immortal until my 60Th birthday. 1 When I realized my true friends and I was wayh older than my brain would let me believe. That being said. I am excited for our reunion.

12/21/19 08:26 PM #135    

Holly Knudsen (Hart)

To all my Classmates, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, filled with happiness, family, many blessings & love. Enjoy each day, because it’s a present that can never grow old. Just like all of you, your friendship are my presents under the Christmas tree. Love & hugs to all ❣️


12/22/19 06:52 PM #136    

Claudia Visca

Wishing all my classmates, joyous holidays and a healthy 2020 ! Greetings from Vienna ! Claudia (Visca)

12/22/19 08:26 PM #137    

Chris Porter (Orser)

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all of you and may it be a healthy and happy new year for all!

12/23/19 01:06 PM #138    


Tony Weil

Happy Holidays to all of us.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Take care,


12/24/19 10:29 AM #139    

Michael Gallo

Best wishes to my classmates, friends of the class of "69" and all of their families for a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

11/11/20 11:56 AM #140    

Holly Knudsen (Hart)

Thank you, to all your who serviced this country. 

12/18/20 08:54 AM #141    


Jim DiGiacomo

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to all.


12/24/20 12:30 PM #142    

Michael Gallo

Best wishes to my classmates and friends of the class of 69 for a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and getting back to normal in 2021.

07/19/21 11:51 AM #143    

Holly Knudsen (Hart)

I am winding down my mask & scrub production down.  1½ years ago I started making them to help keep people safe during the COVID-19,'s  in its first pandemic.  So after hundreds & hundreds of masks & at least a hundreds of scrub caps it's time for my dinning table to see the light of day. 
My eye sight is worsening due to damage caused by a drug, so that's another reason why I have to stop. 

07/21/21 09:26 AM #144    

Richard Gus Bloch

Holly, you are simply amazing and an inspiration to one and all.

12/20/21 04:22 PM #145    

Holly Knudsen (Hart)

I am wishing you all & beautiful & Merry Christmas. A Happy & Healthy New Year. 
I hope we all can stay in touch with each more frequently in the coming year. 
Love & many hugs, Holly & Wayne

12/24/21 10:22 AM #146    

Michael Gallo

Best wishes to the members and extended family of the class of "69" for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Peace to all.     Mike Gallo

12/25/21 09:44 AM #147    

Martin Lepek


Wish you the same and your family!


06/09/22 07:54 AM #148    

Garry Lynch

Is anyone going to Kevin's showing at the Kensico Dam Saturday?  I think i have the date right but i haven't seen anything advertized except a beer and pizza festival tonight June 9th?  

Mike, were you still going?  Tom?  Bo?  

Nancy and i will be going around noonish i think Kevin mentioned?


11/23/22 10:11 AM #149    

Holly Knudsen (Hart)

I want to wish you all, a Happiest Thanksgiving. 
I hope you are surrounded by friends & family, enjoy the love & laughter. 

Thank you, for your friendship & love, Holly


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