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05/19/09 04:31 PM #1    

Tony Weil

Hard to really believe. Margi(e) is one of the first people I remember in P’ville when I arrived (3rd grade)Roselle Ave, her smile. She was always one of my favorite people. Although I had only seen her once in the recent past, I will miss her greatly

05/20/09 12:02 PM #2    

Sally Ward (Eubanks)

I'd echo Tony's comments. Margie was always one of my favorite people also. I can't believe she is no longer with us. I'll miss her warmth, spunk, laugh and caring spirit. The high school memories I have of her always brings a smile. She was was a hoot.

05/21/09 10:23 AM #3    

Tony Weil

Dear friends,

E-mail I just received

Today the staff at Cayuga Heights devoted half of our staff meeting to remembering, honoring and celebrating Margi’s PreK teaching legacy. It was comforting to be together. We watched a video (a gift for Margi in January) where the children she taught at CHES were interviewed about what they remembered/liked about their PreK experience with Margi. We also talked about ways to continue to remember and honor her. We decided to dedicate our new PreK/Kindergarten playground (to be completed June 7) to Margi. A plaque will have her name and maybe one of her oft-quoted lines like “We need to play more.”

Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle.
Everything I do is stitched with its color.
-W. S. Merwin

05/21/09 05:50 PM #4    

Bill Gruen

Margi, you were someone everyone felt comfortable with at PHS, even a guy like me who was severely challenged when it came to girls. That is saying something. We will definitely feel the presence of your absence at our 40th, but your welcoming and cheerful spirit will prevail on October 10th. You are one of the bonds that keeps us together, even in death.

05/22/09 08:14 AM #5    

Thor Thompson

Margie was one of the Great 8 (for those who remember that trip). On a bright sunny morning, she and I decided to ski the Starr trail at Stowe (one of the harder ones) but Margie caught an edge and tumbled head over skis down the mountain. I frantically caught up with her to see if the ski patrol would have to be called. Margie just smiled at me and said she was fine.

I will always remember her smile, kind word or gesture. Margie was a great friend and someone you always wanted on your side. I will miss her.

05/22/09 07:25 PM #6    

Jerry Mimnaugh

In our Pleasantville yearbook Margi wrote the following:

"College and a career as nursery school teacher...wants an active part in making the world a better place to live in"

You lived your dream Margi. All the children you taught and the people who met you are a testament to that.

05/23/09 05:23 PM #7    

Margot Stage

Margie's passing feels like such a deep loss for all of us, and its comforting to be sharing this loss together, as we shared so much in our young years in Pleasantville. I'm so grateful the playground in Ithaca will be named for her. I'm so grateful for the friendship, and many many memories. I'd love to do something in her honor when we're together in October. Blessings to you all who are missing her.

05/24/09 10:14 AM #8    

Meg Smith (Kot)

Margi and I met in fifth grade and immediately became great friends. If truth be known, I suspect we bonded during "time outs" in the halls of Bedford Road Elementary School. We were what they called "lively children". We pretty much lived at each other's houses, until relocating to the Yahner household during our high school years. I have so few memories of grades 5-8 that do not include Margi. Foreshadowing the fact we would never be "cool" or fashionable, we spent one year often planning matching outfits to wear to school. The Margi I remember was always fearless, ready to laugh and strongly independent. I have yet to meet a more genuine or kindhearted person. Her enthusiasm for life could be seen in that special gleam in her eye and ready smile. For the last 40 years she made the effort to stay in touch with me or my family via long Christmas notes, despite the fact Christmas cards, or any sort of regular communication, has never been my strength. Christmas time will now become a time of remembering for me, as I miss those yearly communications in that so familiar handwriting. Margi was truly one of those special people that lived every moment of her life from her heart.

05/31/09 03:20 PM #9    

Linda Beauchamp (Brown)

margi and i were inseparable during our roselle avenue years and would call one another nightly to decide what to wear to school the next day. we loved to be "bobsey twins", although i suspect margi always looked cuter than i did!
i have vivid memories of playing at her house (and she at ours), sleep-overs, fighting with or ignoring together our brothers (bill was in my brother david's class)...and one of my favorites was laying on her bedroom floor one night and writing our favorite "teen idols". margi wrote to paul anka and i wrote to frankie avalon! how heartbreaking to receive a form letter from the fan club presidents after telling our heart throbs that we wanted to marry them!
the split up of the bear ridge area, which sent half the kids off to armonk and BHHS (including me), was the start of us moving apart in our lives...but i still speak fondly and often of margi whenever talking about my best childhood memories.

06/23/09 10:14 AM #10    

Sandy Yahner

I have 45 years of ALL good memories. How many people can say that about any friendship? I have been blessed. There are not enough words nor enough room to reflect on all of them. So what I learned from Margi is this: I learned that laughter is important, to live every day to its fullest, it doesn't matter how far you have to drive or in what directions, take the time to care about your friends, a little time is better than no time, it is not important how you sing, it is important that you sing. She is missed but the sound of her voice and her spirit is with me every day even when I least expect it.

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