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11/27/17 07:57 AM #113    

Garry R. Lynch

Way to go Panthers !!!!!  A new record for football.  Will the school be doing anything for them?  Any ideas?

11/27/17 12:43 PM #114    

Bruce Bohlander



A gutsy talented football team who completed a magic carpet ride  congrads  Bo


11/28/17 10:35 AM #115    

Bill Gruen

I can still see the ghost of Harry Rassman running around the end, with Mike Gallo blocking out front and Bruce MacDonald pulling from his guard position.

12/24/17 07:37 PM #116    

Michael Gallo

Best wishes to all my classmates, their families and the friends of the class of "69' for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

12/24/17 08:20 PM #117    

Robert Santoro

Happy Holidays & a Healthy New Year to all.    Bob & Liz                                

12/24/17 09:49 PM #118    

Chris Porter (Orser)

Merry Christmas to all and a very happy and healthy 2018

12/25/17 09:23 AM #119    

Holly Knudsen (Hart)

From our house to yours...the merriest of Christmas’s to all of you. 

Happy Hannakah  to you too!

12/25/17 11:27 AM #120    

R Alan Wells

May we all enjoy the Holiday season, but especially for our families and friends.⛄❄⛷🎄🎁🍭

12/25/17 02:06 PM #121    

Robert Santoro

Happy Holidays, James Francis  Robert & Liz

12/28/17 11:25 PM #122    

Valerie D'Allura (Rabinowitz)


...and a Blessed , Healthy, New Year :)


12/29/17 09:47 AM #123    


Tony Weil

Best Wishes to all of the Class of '69. Time marches on as do we. Looking forward to seeing you all at our 50th or before.

12/29/17 05:47 PM #124    

Russell Campbell

And God bless us, everyone. Oh yeah, and Mr. Scrooge, as well, the ol' git.

04/04/18 07:16 PM #125    

Michael Gallo

R.I.P. Tony. So many great memories.

04/07/18 07:33 PM #126    

Michael Gallo

Sorrows come not as single spys but in battalions.

04/12/18 03:04 PM #127    

Bruce Burgun

Okay, classmates can you please stop dying?  You’re breaking my heart.  And also, can we please eliminate the expression RIP!  Who does that help?   Why not contact ten people that you like each month and tell them to LIVE IN PEACE.  I guess I should start now … so whoever is reading this please live in peace.  Because you deserve it. 

04/12/18 04:56 PM #128    

Robert Santoro

LIP.  B. Bow

04/12/18 04:59 PM #129    

Chris Porter (Orser)


04/13/18 10:33 AM #130    

Jodi Bonney

Yes Bruce, i agree!! LIVE IN PEACE and with joy. Live long and be well... ALL OF YOU! smiley


04/13/18 11:31 AM #131    


Tony Weil

Live in Peace or alternatively, Live Long & Prosper while at peace.

Please take care of yourselves. I'm trying.

Hope to see everyone at the Reunion next year. 


04/14/18 12:15 PM #132    


Chris McCabe

James Dean, postponed. Perhaps indefinitely.

04/14/18 02:01 PM #133    

Richard Gus Bloch

Here's our song, 'nuf said.

04/14/18 09:30 PM #134    

Ken Paley

LIP  and have some fun along the way! 

04/16/18 04:09 PM #135    

Kevin Zraly

To all - Interesting reading... Barbara Ehrenreich's "Natural Causes: An Epidemic of Wellness, the Certainty of Dying, and Killing Ourselves to Live Longer."

04/18/18 05:36 PM #136    

R Alan Wells

Hi all
I am retiring on May 15th this year, so we can enjoy our time and time together. I will tell you all them at I felt immortal until my 60Th birthday. 1 When I realized my true friends and I was wayh older than my brain would let me believe. That being said. I am excited for our reunion.

12/14/18 06:19 PM #137    

Holly Knudsen (Hart)



I cannot believe, our sweet Elaine’s light has been blown out. 

She had a hard childhood, but when she came to our High School, she blossomed.

Elaine had such a smile that lit up anywhere she went. 

Elaine’s son meant so much to her, he became her life to cherish & be proud of. 

I thought I just sent her a message that I was looking forward to seeing her at the reunion. 

Elaine loved life & had a feel of responsibility to protect the earth & sea, I can still remember her telling everyone about K-cups & how the are not recyclible. Because of her I did not buy a coffee pot that uses them.

She has touched our hearts, her memory will never fade  

Rest in Peace my friend, we will all miss you  




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